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Microblading Lips Chicago

Microblading Chicago


Our microblading lip treatments are the perfect way to restore symmetry, volume and shape back to your lips revealing the perfect pout. We can cover blemishes or irregularities in lip color and tone, with pinks, corals, nudes, and browns that are true to life. The treatments are perfect for the busy modern day women who is tired of constantly applying lipliner and lipstick throughout the day. The days of smudging lipstick marks and bleeding will be far in the past. Treatment results can last up to two years.


Before Your Appointment

Microblading results create gorgeous lips, however, the procedure is not recommended for everyone. To prevent any complications related to your overall well-being and to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition, please review the suggestions and requirements below. 


- Avoid all alcohol and caffeine 24 hrs. before the procedure to prevent excessive bleeding. 

- We recommend taking either lysine or a cold sore preventative vitamin as this will minimize any post-treatment cold sores appearing as a result of the lips healing.

- No Botox/Filler treatments should be done 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after the procedure.

- No chemical peels 60 days before or after the procedure. Chemical peels will induce your skin to peel prematurely and (brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin)

- No Retinols/Retin-A, anti-aging/acne creams, or serums containing acids as these will fade brows prematurely if used during the first 30 days in your healing process. 

- Avoid heavy sunlight or UV lights 3 days before your procedure. If you do tan regularly, skin should be fully healed the day of the procedure. 

- To prevent excessive bleeding, avoid taking blood thinners like aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, or ibuprofen 48 hours before procedure. Tylenol or acetaminophen are great substitutes for pain relievers.

- Avoid waxing or hair removal 3 days before the procedure.

- Please be advised that women on or near their menstrual cycle have a tendency to bleed a bit more during the procedure than women who are not. In addition, numbing agents also seem to not take as well to women who are menstruating. If you wish to avoid this please let us know. 


During Your Appointment

The average microblading appointment usually takes about one and a half to two hours from beginning to end. The steps we follow for a microblading appointment are listed as follows:

Pictures - Before and after pictures are a great way to see your lip transformation, so we snap a few quick pictures of your eyebrows before getting started and then a few more after the procedure.

Consultation - Discuss colors and the problem areas you wish to address. Generally a deeper color is chosen for the outline and then a creamier, softer version as it flows into the centre. Then almost no color in the very centre. This gives the illusion of a perfect pout. There is heavy emphasis placed on understanding your expectations and helping you understand what results are possible through microblading.

Shaping - Using just a lipliner, the artist will draw the perfectly shaped lip for your face directly on your skin for you to see.

Approval - Before moving forward, the artist ensures you are completely happy with your lip shape and expectations of the procedure. Please speak up during this time if you wish to make any adjustment or have any questions or concerns. 

Numbing - A topical anesthetic is applied to ensure pain is not an issue. Most clients feel little to no pain during the procedure. For those super sensitive clients, we offer an additional anesthetic during the procedure to ensure you are comfortable. 

Paperwork - While your skin is numbing you’ll review and sign consent forms, followed by completing a brief medical history to ensure the microblading procedure will not interfere with your overall wellbeing.

Microblading - Using a facial tattooing machine, the artist carefully and gently implants the pigment into the skin following the guideline that you agreed on. The treated area will appear bolder immediately after the procedure and the true results will not show until 2-3 weeks after.

Aftercare Instructions - After the procedure, the artist will provide you with a take-home aftercare package that includes your aftercare instructions and ointments you will need during your healing process. We also suggest scheduling your touch-up appointment four to six weeks later. 



Microblading post-care is very important to the appearance and longevity of your new lips. During your healing post-care, make sure your hands are completely clean while cleansing gently and applying the post-care ointment (Antiseptic ointment, A&D ointment, Vaseline or Coconut oil) with a clean cotton swab, never your fingers.


Aftercare instructions during the first 24hrs following your procedure:

- Take a pain reliever before the numbing wears off.

- For swelling and pain, roll a piece of ice across your lips. 

- To cleanse your treated lips, run a cotton pad under warm water and use as a compress while gently wiping the area.

- Follow by applying a generous amount of Antiseptic ointment to keep your lips hydrated.

- Repeat this process three times a day for the first 48 hour. 

- During the remainder of your healing keep lips well lubricated with A&D ointment, Vaseline or Coconut oil for at least 2 weeks post-procedure. 

- Drink through a straw for the first few days. Do not eat citrus fruits or drink citrus juices or eat spicy foods until your lips are completely healed.  

- DO NOT PICK dry healing tissue. Doing so will remove the pigment color.  

- Do not bleach your teeth while your lips are healing.   ​

- After the initial healing period, apply a total sunblock that is waterproof 3-4 times daily to prevent fading (most chapsticks contain an SPF).   

- As with all other Permanent Makeup applications, the actual color will fade up to 40%. The final color will be about 6 weeks post-procedure.  


Healing Process

Day 1: The initial swelling will have gone down but the color will be bright for up to 4 days. 

Day 3: Your lips will being to peel and feel really dry and chapped.  Make sure you use the warm compress and lightly wipe. It will keep the dead skin exfoliated which will help the dead skin turn over quicker.

Day 5: The color will almost disappear and you will wonder what happened. Don’t worry, the color will slowly appear throughout the month to half the original color.

Day 7-10: Your lips should have slowed down from the peeling stage and they might feel super sensitive. Keep reapplying the ointment and keep them hydrated.