Gorgeous girl with thick eyebrows. Microblading Chicago


We at Beauty and Brows believe that eyebrows are the most important facial feature you have. They’re critical for emotional expression, as well as facial recognition, but most importantly, we consider them a key feature of our individual beauty. Our philosophy of eyebrow shaping is simple – fuller is better, and our main goal is to naturally restore your brows.


What to expect at Wild Wind Tattoo / Beauty and Brows due to new COVID-19 rules and regulations:

-We are still operating on an appointment-only basis which means our doors are locked. Please notify your artist with your estimated time of arrival via text or phone call on the day of your appointment and we will be ready to let you in upon your arrival.

-You must wear a mask at all times while in the shop and while getting tattooed.

-You must come alone to your appointment to limit the number of people in the shop at a time.

-Upon entering the shop you will be asked to wash your hands immediately, your temperature will be taken and you will fill out a quick questionnaire about how you are feeling.

-No food or drinks are allowed in the shop, please eat beforehand. We can provide you with water, just ask your artist.

We appreciate you doing your part during this time to ensure everyone in the shop is safe. We’ll see you soon.


With a background in both art and design, Hanna started training at the Media Makeup Academy of Chicago in 2012 and received her cosmetic tattoo certification from the PEM Academy of Texas in 2016.  Her passion, creativity, and skill are the backbone behind her delicate design style. Her attention to detail is what sets her apart from all the rest. She has mastered various techniques over the years that have given her the flexibility to customize her work to meet each client's individual and personal style. She specializes in color matching and feather-like strokes, and is exceptional at creating the most natural of looks. Past and current clients refer others to Hanna time and time again because of her commitment to recognizing your individual allure and to creating the most beautiful and confident version of yourself. As a reflection of her personal style, she created Beauty and Brows.